The Dire Importance of Above Ground Pool Accessories

The accessories of above ground pools have got tremendous importance, because of their extraordinary need to ensure safety, maintenance and proper functioning of the above ground pools. All the accessories of the said products, are equipped with differentiating properties which are vital in giving them recognition and importance. Here in this article the importance of each of the category of the accessories will be categorically discussed.

  • Importance of cleaning and maintenance equipment

Cleaning and maintenance equipment are imperative for each of the above cited products, due to the reason that they keep the product clean, and helps in keeping the product standard properly. Which is too important for the fabulous functioning of the product. By virtue of its features, the equipments make the product more durable and sustainable.

  • Importance of pool covers

Pool covers are one of the essential components of the product that are vital in multiple ways. Firstly, these covers keep the product clean and protect it from any external damage. The covers made with high quality cloths ensure the lasting durability of the product. Moreover, solar colors have also got importance in the sense that they generate heat and warmth in the pool using solar energy.

above ground pool accessories

  • Importance of hooks and other safeguarding equipment

Safeguarding instrument like hooks, stands and nuts are of ultimate importance for above ground pool. They provide firmness to pool, thus making it more secure and comfortable for swimming. In the absence of these equipments, it is not much stabilized in its place and the swimmer faces discomfort. Moreover, binding thread or nuts are also vital for connecting the parts of the pool. However, at the time of folding or packing these equipment can easily be separated.

    • Pool alarms

Pool are extremely important, because of their unique feature of providing safety and protection. These alarms keep you alert from any untoward incident based on the disturbing position of water. They are proactive in making you aware of possible danger that you may face due to unsuitable water position, or due to unstable pool position.

      • Ladders

Ladders are too important with regard to above ground pools. These provide you with the easy path to enter into the pool.

      • Filter pump Timer

Filter pump Timer is one of the key accessories of above ground pool, which helps control the filter pump. It regulates main filter pump, and maintains the proper functioning of the pool.

      • Pool coating or paint

Painting is one of the essential components of the said accessories, which plays an imperative role in giving beautiful look and attractive shape pool. The paints are available in a variety of colors. Moreover, the pricing of these paints vary with its quality and multiple features.

From the above research based study, it can clearly be concluded that accessories of the cited products have got tremendous importance. Because, they provide, the products with safety, protection, standard and make them worth to purchase. Without these accessories the products cannot properly satisfy the needs of users. Therefore, the need of these accessories is very vital.

The Gamo Big Cat 1250

All About the Gamo Big Cat 1250

Gamo is known for producing high quality rifles time and time again, and they certainly didn’t fail at perfecting the Big Cat 1250. It features a design that is sleek, simplistic and more than impressive.Whether you want to practice target shooting at a range or in your backyard, go hunting for small to large game or keep pests away, this air rifle is sure to get the job done.


  • All weather molded synthetic stock
  • Rubber pad buttplate that allows for recoil absorption
  • Nonslip checkering texture design on grip and forearm
  • Black design
  • 43.3 inches in length
  • Weight of 6.1 pounds
  • Twin cheek pads for either left or right handed users
  • Barrel length of 18 inches
  • Grooved receiver scope ramp
  • 4×32 scope w/ rings

In depth Gamo Big Cat 1250 Review


  • 1250 feet per second velocity when using PBA ammunition
  • 1000 feet per second velocity when using lead ammunition
  • Single shot capacity
  • Single cocking break barrel system
  • Auto safety cocking system
  • Manual trigger safety
  • Second stage adjustable high quality trigger
  • Fluted polymer jacketed steel barrel

Gamo Big Cat 1250 Reviews & Ratings

When you look at the reviews written on sites such as Amazon all you see is hundreds of 5 star ratings and positive comments. One customer said that it far exceeded his expectations and shoots wonderfully. Another noted how it “packs a punch” and easily takes down medium sized game. However, some people seem to complain about the scope that comes with the air rifle. That’s not too much of a problem seeing that you can easily purchase a different scope and attach it to the rifle. Overall, customers who bought the product seemed very satisfied and were happy that they received such a quality gun.



Best Above Ground Pool – Top Reviews of 2014

Above Ground Pool Reviews

Purchasing an above ground pool is a cheaper, quicker alternative to the long, drawn-out process of installing an in ground pool. They can provide you and your family with countless hours of great memories filled with laughter and lots of fun; not to forget, they’re the main attraction when it comes to BBQ’s and parties.

Of course, you probably already knew that. However, you probably aren’t sure what the top brand to buy is, but hey! That’s okay. There are plenty of brands out there to choose from so there’s sure to be one that fits your every desire. Just kick back, relax, and enjoy discovering the right above ground pool for you.


Since you’re in the process of looking for an above ground pool I’m sure you’ve already come across this particular brand and that’s no coincidence. Intex manufactures and produces some of the highest quality pools on the market in a variety of sizes and shapes in order to fulfill every homeowner’s needs.

Their swimming pools are constructed with high grade, rust resistant steel frames and triple-ply sidewalls for strength and durability. We’ll take a closer look at several specific sizes and shapes while being sure to list everything that comes included with the purchase.

Intex 18 x 48 Ultra Frame (Circular)

best above ground pool


  • Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter for Safety
  • Holds 6,423 Gallons at 90% Capacity
  • Krystal Clear Filter Pump w/ 1,500 gph
  • Ladder
  • Debris Cover
  • Ground Cloth
  • Maintenance Kit
  • Set Up DVD

Intex 24 x 12 x 52 Ultra Frame (Rectangular)

intex above ground pool

  • Holds 8,403 gallons at 90% Capacity
  • 1,600 gph Sand Filter Pump
  • Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter
  • Ladder
  • Ground Cloth
  • Debris Cover
  • Easy Set Up

Intex 15 x 48 Metal Frame (Circular)

intex 15 x 48 metal frame pool

  • Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter
  • Holds 4,440 Gallons at 90% Capacity
  • Krystal Clear Cartridge Filter Pump w/ 1,000 gph
  • Ground Cloth
  • Debris Cover
  • Ladder
  • Set Up & Maintenance DVD

As you can see, the Intex above ground swimming pools feature many similarities. One is pretty much as durable as the other as they consist of the same materials. When deciding which one to purchase, it comes down to preference such as whether you want a rectangular or circle pool. Also, there may be some other details to look into such as color.

For the most part, you want to pay attention to the size and amount of gallons the pool holds. Ask yourself questions such as “How many people are going to be swimming at once?”, “Am I going to be using the pool on a regular basis?” and so forth to ensure you don’t buy a pool that is too large and end up spending extra money, or even worse, purchasing a pool that is too small and can’t accommodate the amount of people that need to fit inside. All in all, I hope you found the best above ground pool for you.




How to Install an Above Ground Pool

Installing an above ground pool on your own isn’t extremely difficult and can save you quite a bit of money compared to hiring somebody to do it for you. Depending on the type of pool you choose installation steps will vary here and there.

Start by ensuring you choose a spot in your yard that is flat, away from trees and is pretty much completely in the sun or else your pool will probably stay cold all year round. Also, please don’t try to install an above ground pool on your own. You will need multiple people, I promise. I could write a long article but instead here’s a video showing you detailed step by step instructions on how to properly install your above ground swimming pool for you and your family.

Hopefully now you’re ready to get out there and put your swimming pool together. Good luck and try to have fun with it.

Air Rifle Reviews – Top Rifles of 2014

For as long as I can remember I’ve been shooting air rifles. I love everything about it from the way holding a gun feels to the sound of the gun firing. Now that I’m a father and getting my own son into the art of shooting, I figured it was time to share my knowledge with other enthusiasts by writing detailed air rifle reviews. Whether you’re looking for a gun to pursue small game hunting or just for target shooting I can tell you everything you need to know. Now let’s explore the top 5 air pistols of 2014.

Top 5 Air Rifles of 2014

1. RWS .177 Pellet Model 34 Combo Rifle
Let me start by saying if you’re looking for the best air rifle for hunting that there is no need to look any further. Everything about this gun makes it perfect for small game shooting. It’s safe to say that no other air rifle can come close to the break barrel design on this gun. It is extremely durable; RWS truly outdid themselves. Another great feature about this rifle is that it comes with lifetime warranty, meaning you won’t have to worry if your gun malfunctions. The gun also comes equipped with a 11 mm scope rail and an adjustable 2 –stage trigger. This gun is great, though it does come at an expense of $275.

2. Gamo Silent Cat
The Gamo Silent Cat does not come with lifetime warranty such as the RWS .177 but it does, however, come with a one year limited warranty when purchased on Amazon at a low price of $148. This gun weighs a mere 5.3 pounds and is 46” in length. It shoots 0.177 caliber lead pellets at 1200 fps with PBA. Some other great features include its break barrel single cocking system along with the fact it comes equipped with a 4×32 scope. This gun makes a great buy.


air rifle reviews


3. Evanix Hunting Master AR6
You know it’s a good gun when it’s being called the most powerful air pistol today. Much like the RWS .177 pellet model mentioned before, this gun was made for hunting. Before even thinking about purchasing this gun you should know that it’s in the upper $500 range, but for good reason. This air pistol shoots .22 cal pellets and does not jam, which, might I say, is an important feature. It is a little heavier than the Gamo Silent Cat at 6.82 pounds but still not bad. I’ve used this gun on multiple occasions and it is one of my all-time favorite air rifles. It is definitely worth the price tag if you can afford it and are going to be doing a decent amount of shooting.

4. Crosman Nitro Venom
The best thing about this gun is how silent it is. You’ll be sure to never give away your position while hunting with the Crosman Nitro Venom. Just like most of the guns reviewed so far, this rifle shoots .177 caliber pellets. It’s a little bit heavier than some guns at 7.4 pounds but still manageable. The entire length of the gun is 44.5 inches and it comes equipped with a centerpoint 3-9×32 mm scope. You can purchase this gun on Amazon for just $140.99. Needless to say, this is close to the best air rifle out.

5. Crosman 1077
I’ve been wanting to write this specific air rifle review for a while now. For the low price of $69.99, you can’t beat this air rifle. It is extremely light at only 3.69 pounds and measures 36.88 inches in length. This gun takes .177 caliber pellets as well. Before purchasing this rifle you should know that it’s more for target shooting than hunting. One great feature about this air pistol is that it shoots the instant you pull the trigger. There is absolutely no delay time. This gun is perfect for anyone wanting to target shoot or for anyone that wants a good air rifle at a great price.